On behalf of the FSU Libraries, the Art in the Library Committee organizes visual and performing arts programming in its spaces to enrich the library as an aesthetic and academic environment. The Committee serves to increase the visibility of the fine arts as part of the Libraries’ strategic goals to establish the library as the center of intellectual community at Florida State University. A major part of this program includes exhibiting artwork drawn from the FSU student body on a semester-long basis.

Applications for exhibition will be vetted by the Exhibitions Advisory Subcommittee. Any questions about this program may be directed to Leah Sherman, FSU Libraries Visual Performing Arts Librarian and Art in the Library Chair, at LRSherman@fsu.edu.


At Dirac Science Library art exhibitions will be mounted on the main floor in the hallway surrounding the central stairwell and elevators. There is a display system in place with 4 sections of railing equipped with rods for hanging that are each 4 feet long below the rail. This space can accommodate 10-15 hanging works, depending on the size and weight. We ask that applicants have a minimum of 10 small to medium-sized works to exhibit. Applications with fewer works may be considered if the artwork is larger in size. The exhibition space is freely open to the public during hours of library operation. View images below for an idea of space and exhibit potential.

Space at Strozier Library coming soon.

Expectations for Exhibition

FSU Libraries are dedicated to the ideals of diversity, inclusion, and equity. We endeavor to embody those ideas every day in all of our work. As such, successful applications should speak to the Libraries’ values of diversity, inclusivity, community, collaboration, equity, and belonging and should not be offensive or exclusionary toward any individual persons or groups.

Exhibitions must fit within the space provided and be installed using the existing display system. Installations may not obscure or impede usage of library signage, electrical equipment, or doors. Applicants are encouraged to visit the space to become familiar with available natural and electrical lighting as no additional lighting is available. Please see the full Exhibition Expectations document for more information about exhibition logistics.

The installation and deinstallation will be done by a member of the Exhibitions Advisory Subcommittee. Before installation, the selected applicant must meet in person with a Subcommittee representative to see the space, schedule installation and deinstallation, and to complete a brief interview for a Libraries’ blog article promoting the forthcoming exhibition. The exhibitor is responsible for all transportation of all artwork. All works to be installed must arrive ready to hang and be in good condition.

Labels will be provided by the library but label information will be provided by the exhibitor. Before installation can take place, the exhibitor(s) must produce a finalized inventory of works to exhibit.

Exhibitions will be installed for approximately 3 months and at the closure of an exhibition, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to retrieve the works at the designated time and day previously agreed upon.

How to Apply and Timeline

Exhibition CycleDeadline to ApplyApplication Link
Spring 2023September 30, 2022Spring 2023 Application
Summer 2023February 17, 2023Summer 2023 Application
Fall 2023July 7, 2023Fall 2023 Application
  • Read the full Exhibition Expectations here.
  • The Exhibitions Advisory Sub-Committee will make a selection within approximately 3-4 weeks after the application closes. Successful applicants will then be notified and provided with the FSU Libraries Art in the Library Exhibitor Agreement as outlined below.
  • Applicants invited to exhibit for the upcoming semester will be asked to confirm their commitment, including arrangements for the pre-installation meeting and interview as mentioned above.
  • Installation will take place at Dirac Science Library during the week before classes start.

Information for Accepted Exhibitions

Applications selected for exhibition will be asked to sign the FSU Libraries Art in the Library Exhibitor Agreement which includes the full exhibition expectations as well as the following liability, compensation, and marketing statements:

  • Library spaces are monitored by FSU Libraries Security periodically and there will not be additional staff assigned to exhibition monitoring. The Library does not guarantee insurance coverage while on display and the Library is not liable for any losses, damages, and expenses incurred as part of this program.
  • Art on display is also not for sale, although exhibitors may include their contact information as part of the label information.
  • All exhibitions will be promoted by the FSU Libraries Marketing and Communication Department. Exhibitors will give permission for FSU Libraries to take and use photographs and video of the exhibitions and artworks on display in Libraries’ marketing, such as social media, blog posts, and annual reports.