Tattoo Tuesday Posts, February 2022

Scroll to peruse all Tattoo Tuesday posts posted in the month of February, 2022. Sing, cardinal, sing! Your gorgeous tattoo deserves a gorgeous book, and Jesmyn Ward's prose hits the mark. Today we're recommending Sing, Unburied, Sing, by Jesmyn Ward, a book about family, grief, addiction, and personal freedoms. We hope you're as captivated by... Continue Reading →

Tattoo Tuesday Posts, January 2022

Scroll to peruse all Tattoo Tuesday book recommendations posted in the month of January, 2022. With apologies to the tattoo's owner, we cannot supply a book about dolphins - our Popular Literature catalog is evidently lacking in that department - but this week's selection is written by someone who loves dragons as much as you... Continue Reading →

Popular Literature: Tattoo Tuesdays

The Popular Literature Committee - responsible for the Popular Literature section in Strozier Library - is bringing book recommendations from our shelves to your screens every Tuesday. Although we're marketing it as a "Tattoo Tuesday," if you yourself are lacking in the tattoo area, you can always feel free to submit your favorite: movie, song,... Continue Reading →

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