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Annually on November 11th, the United States observes Veterans Day. It’s a time set aside to pay tribute and express gratitude for the dedication of all military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Initially recognized as Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I, the holiday has transformed to honor veterans of all conflicts (Source). Presently, it is marked by national events, ceremonies, and various gestures of appreciation.

FSU Libraries are part of the Veterans Alliance at Florida State University. The FSU Veterans Alliance represents the university’s campus-wide commitment to veteran support and success (Source). We are proud to be a part of this effort in supporting veterans. 

The FSU Veterans Alliance Arrowhead is located next to the Starbucks Cafe inside Strozier Library on the 1st floor.

In recognition of Veterans Day, this blog post compiles the library services and resources that offer support to FSU’s student veterans, celebrating their resilience and dedication to their education. We encourage our student veterans to visit the FSU Student Veterans Center for other resources, including tuition assistance, academic support, off-campus resources, and more:

Thank you, veterans, for your service and sacrifice.

Study Spaces

Did you know? FSU Libraries have 3 individual study rooms reserved for veterans! 

Strozier Library has two rooms on the 2nd floor in the Annex, and Dirac Science Library has one room on the 1st floor (basement).

All rooms are available on a first come, first served basis for four hours at a time. To access the rooms, just ask for the Veterans Room key at the Scholar Support Desk at Strozier or Dirac.

Academic Assistance


There are several opportunities available for tutoring at both Strozier and Dirac Science Library.

Tutoring at Strozier takes place on the first floor across from the Pop Lit section.

At Strozier, walk-in tutoring is available in chemistry, math, and physics every Sunday through Thursday, 7pm-11pm. Tutoring is provided by ACE.

The Reading-Writing Center also provides assistance at Strozier every Monday through Thursday from 5pm-11pm. To ensure you get the help you need, we encourage you to make an appointment.

At Dirac, chemistry tutoring is provided by Alpha Chi Omega Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-8pm on the main floor near Starbucks. 

View all the library tutoring opportunities at!

Research Help

Need help with research? Research Guides are a great place to find sources that relate to the specific subject you’re researching. For example, if you’re interested in researching veterans, check out this guide on locating data related to Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies, created by our Social Sciences Librarian Mohamed Berray. 

The Ask Us chat is a convenient way to get answers quickly to your questions. For more personalized research assistance, reach out to your Subject Librarian!

Library Collections

FSU Libraries’ collections consist of thousands of fiction and nonfiction books (plus eBooks!), along with articles, journals, and more. Below are three memoirs written by veterans from our collections, which you can find via OneSearch on

We also have archival collections and materials available online and in person. Many of our collections share the history of veterans from our community.

The Thomas LeRoy Collins Papers Collection, for instance, compiles materials from the former Governor of Florida and Veteran of World War II, Thomas LeRoy Collins. Included are campaign materials, personal memorabilia, correspondence, speeches, organization files, photographs, sound and video recordings (Source). Click through the slides below to see a few digitized excerpts from the LeRoy Collins Papers collection, available through the FSU Digital Library.

To learn more about these unique resources, visit!

This post was written by Alaina Faulkner, Student Engagement Associate at FSU Libraries.

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