7 Books To Read This Summer

We’ve all been working hard all year, and it’s time for us all to take a break before starting our new jobs or a new semester of classes. For some of us, that break may mean resting and enjoying family or traveling and acquiring new skills. But either way, there’s always room for a good book!

I’m Adira-Danique, a research graduate assistant with the Office of Digital Research & Scholarship (DRS) and one of the selectors for the Pop Lit Collection in Strozier Library for the “Travel” and “Self-Help” books. Here are a few great Travel reads I would recommend for kick-starting your Summer!

From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home by Tembi Locke (Call Number: NF Loc)

If your destination is your couch, grab Tembi Locke’s memoir and your remote to watch the Netflix series after you’re done reading. Here, Locke takes readers on a journey through Italy from Florence to Sicily and back to LA using grief, food, and her own study abroad memories. From Scratch, is perfect if you want the drama of a novel, while also craving a real world adventure.

The Impossible Road Trip: An Unforgettable Journey to Past & Present Roadside Attractions in All 50 States by Eric Dregni (Call Number: NF Dre)

For readers who are ready to jump in their cars and hit the open road, Dregni’s book is perfect. This guide has you covered from planning your road trip adventure to figuring out what attractions are a must-see and which ones you can pass by. Dregni has included a how-to guide with mapped illustrations, photographs of the most scenic routes across America, and insightful history about each stop. If you want an affordable adventure, this is the perfect pick.

Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory, and Family by Madhushree Ghosh (Call Number: NF Gho)


If you’re not able to travel, no worries! Grab Ghosh’s book to take an adventure with food.

In this food memoir, Ghosh uses food and stories from her life to help readers learn about her South Asian heritage and her family’s history. The author tells how her family immigrated to India from Bangladesh during the 1947 Partition; recaps her journey into STEM as a woman of color; narrates her journey from leaving an abusive marriage; and talks about keeping her Bengali heritage alive through food. Khabaar is excellent for readers who love food and diving into history.

Secrets of the National Parks: The Expert’s Guide to the Best Experiences Beyond the Tourist Trail (Call Number: NF Nat)

Are you looking for an adventure that’s cost-effective but will also give you jaw-dropping views for your social media feed? If so, check out this National Geographic guidebook about America’s National Park to find extraordinary places off the beaten path to visit this Summer.

Here, National Geographic offers tips for finding low-key places in the Pinnacles National Park, Gateway Arch, Indiana Dunes National Park, Denali National Park and Preserve, and the Grand Canyon for a quieter traveling experience. This book is perfect for adventurers who enjoy road trips, camping getaways, and day hikes in the great outdoors.

The Catch Me If You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country in the World by Jessica Nabongo (Call Number: NF Nab)

If you want to plan a more lavish trip, Jessica Nabongo, the first Black woman to visit all 195 UN-recognized countries in the world, travel memoir is the perfect book.

Listing out her favorite 100 destinations from her time traveling, Nabongo gives readers ideas about where to go, where to stay, and how to get to your destination. From horseback riding with Black cowboys at an Oklahoma ranch to making traditional Takoyaki in Japan and swimming with humpbacks in Tonga, Nabongo has stories that will capture every potential traveler’s imagination and some tips for your wallet.

Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies: And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life, From Someone Who’s Been There by Tara Schuster (Call Number: NF Sch)

Okay, so maybe travel is the furthest thing from your mind since this semester wasn’t your best one, and you’ve got a few changes you’d like to make before stepping back on campus next semester. Don’t worry! There’s a book here for you too.

Schuster, an executive at Comedy Central, writes from the perspective of someone who is successful on the outside but chronically anxious and self-medicating internally. With a few daily rituals, she was able to pinpoint some of her internal problems and get herself back on track in her personal journey. While it’s not a traditional travel read, it’s a great book if you plan on going on a journey of self-discovery this Summer.

Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich (Call Number: F Erd)

So, technically, this isn’t a travel book. BUT, It is a dynamic read that will transfer readers into the rich storytelling world of Louise Erdrich’s eight-part Native American series.

Set on a North Dakota Ojibwe reservation, Love Medicine tells a tale of love and loyalty. Here, Erdrich introduces two families, the Kashpaws and Lamartines whose fates are intertwined by the choices of their patriarch, Albertine Johnson, and his love for two women, Marie Kapshaw and Lulu Lamartine. In this series starter, Erdrich uses humor and magic to tell an intergenerational story.

If you want a bit of drama, pick this book up immediately and grab the other seven books in the series from Strozier while you’re at it!

Which read would you pack in your carry on?

This blog post was written by Adira-Danique Philyaw, is a 2022-2023 graduate research assistant with the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship Office at FSU Libraries.