Digital Book Display: National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month! A time to celebrate our four-legged friends and furry companions! Our digital book display this month features titles that honor pets of all kinds and the wonderful impact they have in our daily lives. With this, we are also celebrating the pets of our library staff! Be sure to check out our digital pet gallery below.

Pets play an instrumental part in our lives. They are there for us when we are happy and sad, or when we need a reliable companion. No matter the condition, the loving bond shared between us and our pets is inseparable. To reflect on the impact pets have on our lives, we are honoring pets of all kinds with our digital book display. Here are some books that detail the bond shared with our pets, as well as stories that feature real-life events where pets have changed lives for the better.

Whether it be giving your dog an extra treat or getting your fish a new tank, we encourage you to show some pet appreciation this month. These titles are all available through curbside pickup. Looking for other reads this summer, check out our latest additions to Pop Lit!

This blog post was written by Jasmine George, FSU Libraries Engagement Assistant.

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