Things That Just Make Sense: FSU Libraries

By: Kaylan Williams

Back in April of 2020, when the world was shifting on its axis, the app known as TikTok was skyrocketing in popularity. Within the app, a trend called “Things That Just Make Sense” started to take off – initially just showcasing users’ items in their homes, eventually transcending into the public sphere, like Things in the Olympic Village that Just Make Sense. Suddenly the trend took off all over the app and is still popular today. 

FSU Libraries has so many things that make our spaces unique and provide convenience for our students. We thought we’d try out the trend ourselves! Without further ado, here are Things That Just Make Sense at FSU Libraries.

Things That Just Make Sense at Strozier Library:

  1. Vending machine with school supplies

Forget your notecards? Or a highlighter? Or maybe you left your mask in your room? No need to worry! When you walk onto the first floor and take an immediate right, Strozier Library has a vending machine filled with all your school supply needs. It holds calculators, hand sanitizer, gloves, USBs, tampons, and even toothbrushes and toothpaste. Stop by if you’re ever in need!

  1. Courtesy charging stations

It’s happened to us all at least once: You notice your phone is about to die….and then you realize you don’t have your charger! If you are at Strozier, then you’re in luck. You have two options. First, you could check out a charger from the firs t-floor Circulation Desk for up to two hours. Or, you could head to the third floor and use the “courtesy charging stations.” These stations have both iPhone and Android compatible chargers for your convenience. All you have to do is plug in your phone! (Note: You shouldn’t leave your device unattended when charging.) 

  1. Study Pods 

Studying at a desk all the time can get a bit monotonous. On the third floor, there are four study pods, where you can comfortably lounge while studying. Swing by and give them a try!

  1. Second floor table outlets

In the newly renovated second-floor areas, there are outlets conveniently placed on each side of the tables, eliminating the need to stretch your charger or move locations to charge any device! 

As you can see, Strozier Library has so many wonderful resources available for students. But did you know that FSU’s main campus is home to eight different libraries? If Strozier isn’t your cup of tea, try heading over to The Dirac Science Library.

Things That Just Make Sense at Dirac Science Library:

  1. Fun, colorful couches

When you enter Dirac Science Library, one thing you will notice is the bright red couches! These are located throughout the library and are super comfortable. Dirac hosts several moveable couches as well. Try one out next time you visit! 

  1. Starbucks with an Outdoor Patio

A great feature that both Dirac and Strozier have is double-sided Starbucks. At Dirac, there’s a nice outside patio up the steps, perfect for studying outside when the weather is just right. 

  1. Whiteboard walls 

The Dirac Science Library has many whiteboard walls available to use, on a first come first serve basis. As you can see in the picture below, there are moveable whiteboards, as well as library walls that double as whiteboards! There are also several study cubicles with whiteboards on the second and third floors of Dirac that you can check out for up to 4 hours at a time. You can check them out here. 

  1. Themed Circulation Desk 

The technology you can check out at either library’s circulation desk can be used for academic or personal use (think checking out a laptop to do assignments vs. checking out a projector for a movie night in your dorm!) We’ve got tons of resources: Mac and Dell laptops, Bluetooth mouses, canon cameras, and all types of cables, just to name a few. What makes the circulation desk at Dirac special is that it gets decorated seasonally!  After all, a little holiday spirit never hurt anyone.

As shown above: Dakayla Demps, Circulation & Museum Assistant

For all your studying needs, visit Strozier or Dirac Library. It just makes sense. 

​​For more information on Florida State Libraries, hours of operation, and available resources, visit

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